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Pontrieux: the Breton Pontrev "bridge over the Trieux." Bridge City background estuary since the fifteenth century was a center of brisk trade. It is upstream of the marina lies the heart of Pontrieux. The St Ives, paved, connecting the two triangular spaces: the square Yves Le Trocquer and Liberty Square. Today Pontrieux is a small town where active settled many craftsmen of art that invite you to walk in the city. Pontrieux comes alive every summer: craft markets, Lavoirs Festival in August ...

The wash: Each house had its bourgoise laundry. Restored by an association, 50 wash flowers can be visited by boat from spring to fall.

Steam Trieux: the unique charm of travel of yesteryear. A journey through time: the valley of Trieux between Paimpol and Pontrieux aboard a famous steam locomotive Mallet, Historical Monument. The arrival in Pontrieux station, close to downtown and our pancake.

The Chateau de la Roche Jagu: 4 km from the pancake, the Château de la Roche Jagu. Its location at the top of the left bank of Trieux which is very steep, allows for an exceptional view of the countryside including the river as it used to oversee. Now owned by the General Council of Côtes d'Armor, Domaine de rock Jagu presents a unique park where coexist a camellia grove inatendue also exceptional. Access to the park is free and invites long walks with the family.

Le sillon de Talbert,

Abbaye de Beauport,

Côte du Goëlo,

Côte de granit rose.