The menu

At the Jardins du Trieux the pancakes are cooked home course from beginning to end. Pasta is hand turned, as did our grandmothers. Our recipe is in its fourth generation. Fittings and their secrets, we have also been sent by our parents or grandparents, so we put forward a family tradition.

Our curiosity, our taste for travel, sometimes leads us to mix the culinary cultures: rillettes swordfish, cakes Afro-Celtic, Marie-gallant, Marquesas ... Breton culture is above all an openness to the other, an exchange and fusion without loss of identity. That's why we still find the authentic culture through the ages, invasions, wars, banned and blame ... The fest noz continues!

When you enter the Gardens of Trieux, you enter our house, because many elements of decorations are part of our personal possessions, many of our products are named after family members, by simple culinary taste-related person or emotional recall. We want our school we like, and you are received at home: "Welcome to our home! "

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